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Photo of JD
Server Error
Getting a server error message: “Server Error: MyQ Server not responding. Please try again later.” Seems this is an issue that others...
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Photo of Chamberlain Admin
myQ Announcement
Hi everyone,Customers using the iOS version of the Craftsman mobile app are now able to connect to the myQ server. We have resolved the i...
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Photo of Vincent
myQ app Connection
Hello all, Thank you in advance for replaying. This is my first post and I am not sure if what I want to achieve is possible. I had been...
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Photo of Mark Sandler
MyQ App for iPhone will no connect
I am able to connect to the site and see/manage my 2 connected garage doors, but when I open the app on my iPhon...
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Photo of gryhnd
Sunset/Sunrise for App
I control various accent lighting on my garage with PILCEV-P1 lamp controls. Unlike every other smart plug brand I use inside my home, t...
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Photo of Ben G
MyQ outage?
MyQ device is showing offline. Several attempts to restart it did not fix the issue. Other connected devices in my house are working prop...
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Photo of Marc Gimbel
Can you lock a 41D7675?
I am wondering if it is possible to lock from the inside a garage door with a 41D7675 automatic opener installed. I am desiring more secu...
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