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Photo of EMA
Error 311
Chamberlain Model HD950WF WiFi enabled I have a solid green light and can see it connected In my network but when I put the serial number...
  • EMA, 5 days ago

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Photo of Aurel Prifti
Hi On my new house, the previous owner have installed the liftmaster LM80EV but unfortunately doesnt come with MyQ inbuilt and I would ...
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Photo of JC
Homekit Bridge and Liftmaster Gate
Hi I have the new MyQ bridge with homekit and the transfer from the old wired bridge went fine. Goth my garage door and my gate are in th...
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Photo of Jeff King
Alexa integration
Alexa integration: It would be nice if Alexa could tell us when a garage door is open. I understand security is a issue that must be deal...
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