Why is the integration with Google Assistant a SUBSCRIPTION service? Does anyone else feel it should be included and FREE?

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Why are you requiring a subscription to use this service? It seems like it should be free like virtually all other products that integrate with Google Assistant. Does anyone else agree? Don't 'penny pinch' the consumer for something a robot does!!

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Posted 5 months ago

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Did it say subscription fee or just subscription?
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They require a PAID subscription. I feel it should be free/included. Or at most, a one time fee. It feels like buying a pair of shoes...then having to pay $0.01 per month to 'subscribe' to the shoelaces.
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They're trying to use a very poorly thought out subscription model - PER INTEGRATION. You want google home? $10. You want IFTTT? $10. And those are the discounted rates.  These idiots have been using false advertising and are doing nothing but setting themselves up for a fall. Am eagerly awaiting the class action suit against them.
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Welcome to the Strange World of Chamberlain Customer Relations, where technical incompetence meets marketing idiocy.  Surely, a model of self-inflicted harm for corporations.

As many others have already stated, the very notion of a subscription fee, no matter how large or how small, is anathema to them.  These people, like myself, would not pay Alexa a penny to turn on the lights.  Nor will they pay Chamberlain to open their garage door.

It is an open question whether (a) Chamberlain lacks the technical skills to offer integrated Smart Home support (e.g., Alexa) or (b) Chamberlain is so clueless that it favors a monthly fee even at the cost of lost sales.  Maybe (a) and (b)?
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I was blown away when I saw this.  I had no idea when I bought this that Google Assistant would be a subscription service.  Everything else I have that connects to Google Assistant is free, including my Arlo security cameras and Hue lights (and these services are much more useful overall!!).  I can't figure out why I should have to pay to ask google home to open and close my garage door (or realistically ask if it is open). 

Absolutely disgraceful.