Very Different Craftsman Openers, with a Yellow programming buttons

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Apparently, Craftsman made two different openers back in the 1990's.   They program very differently from each other.   The problem is, they both have Yellow buttons and therefore, can't be ID'ed simply by button color.

I'll call one "type A".    Type A can be programmed for only one code at a time.   There is no way to directly erase that code.  Instead, you need to program in a new code, and that will replace (erase) the old code.

I'll call the other "type B".     Type B can be programmed for multiple codes.   As you program in each new code, it adds it to its list of older codes.    You can delete all the learned codes by pressing and holding the Yellow button for 6 seconds.

Now, enter the MyQ....

On a "type A", there appears to be some magic done by MyQ that allows it to learn the MyQ's code without it automatically replacing (deleting) the existing handheld remote's code.  I have no idea how they do this.  Maybe someone from MyQ tech support would post a clue here.

On a "type A", there does not appear to be any way to delete the code learned from the MyQ.  You can program in a new handheld remote's code, but such doesn't change, delete, or otherwise disturb the MyQ code.  I wish I was wrong, and put out the hope that MyQ tech support would post a way, and prove me wrong with a way to delete the MyQ code.

On a "type B", pressing and holding the Yellow button for 6 seconds, seems to only delete only the handheld remote codes.   It doesn't delete the MyQ code.     I have read, but can't confirm, that pressing the Yellow button for 6 seconds a second time, immediately after the first, might  possibly delete the MyQ code.

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Posted 4 years ago

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Walt - The MyQ Garage is designed to work with garage door openers that use safety reversing sensors located at the bottom of the garage door track and are manufactured after 1993. The Craftsman opener "Type A" was manufactured before 1993 and does not require safety sensors to work. "Type B" was manufactured after 2012. I am going to need you to email at to escalate this issue. 
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James Green

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Did you ever get a resolution to this? The problem I am having right now is that the code for the MyQ opener matches with my neighbors code so now their opener opens our garage. Is it possible to reprogram the MyQ code? I also have a "Type A" Craftsman opened.

Thanks for your help.
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James – I apologize that you are having a problem with your neighbor being able to open your garage. Since your garage door opener was manufactured before 1993, there is no way to clear the memory on the garage door opener. We need you to contact technical support to resolve this issue. Contact us

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My first try at a fix, was to replace the circuit board in my opener with a new yellow button one.   That really would not help you, if the MyQ is using a code that matches one in use by a neighbor.   I never found a way to force the MyQ to change to a new code.  I mean, the MyQ seems to use one and only one code when connecting to a yellow button opener.  IMHO, a better design would be for the MyQ to use a different code each time it is programmed, this way if the initial code causes a problem (like duplicating a code already in use by a neighbor), simply a second attempt at programming will solve it.

My second try at a fix, was to replace the circuit board in my opener with a new green button one.   That resolved my problem.   The MyQ connects up with the green button opener in a different, and IMHO better, method.