Sensor battery replacement, Reloading MyQ, and Needing to reprogram every garage door remote

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     I've had MyQ for a long time now monitoring and commanding two separate Chamberlain Whisper Drive doors with little issue (other than the sensors not reading open/close correctly every once in a while).  The battery in one of my sensors died without warning, and I tried reprogramming the garage door before I realized the sensor battery was dead.  That caused the particular door to be deleted from my app, leaving me with only one door.  I replaced the sensor's battery and attempted to add the door as a device with a sensor again, but the app says,
"You have reached the maximum number of doors.  Please add an additional hub or remove an existing door."
     If I select to add a device without a sensor, the app passes me to the next setup page, but it MyQ didn't learn the device when attempted.  I figure it was because, even though the app only shows one door, a second door had been there previously, so it's stuck thinking that 2 doors are still programmed.  I deleted MyQ from my account, reloaded it, and now the app allows me to add both doors with their own sensors.
     The problem now, however, is that I apparently added the doors in the opposite order than I originally did long ago.  In the app, when I command either of the doors to open, both doors open at the same time.  I made sure that the first opener's learn button wasn't pressed when I programmed the second door.  I had to then erase all codes to both of my door openers, delete MyQ from my account again, and then reprogram 4 separate remotes plus the MyQ.  The MyQ works great once again, but I've spent the entire evening working on the solution.
     To recap, MyQ worked 4.0 for well over a year until I had to reload a door due to a battery failure and the following are three major issues I've noticed from the experience:

1) The sensor battery fails without warning.
2) MyQ's in-app device setup is different whether I am adding a garage door upon first initializing a MyQ or if I am adding a new door at a later time ('maximum doors' note).
3) Issue 2 necessitates a reprogramming of all garage door remotes if the MyQ has to be deleted and the doors are re-added to MyQ in the opposite order than the first time they were added.

I hope this post helps devs or anyone out there trying to figure out the same issues.
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