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I thoroughly LOVE my Chamberlain smart devices and want to thank you for recently adding the scheduling feature to the app. May I suggest one enhancement I'd love to see?

If you can add a feature to make turning devices on and off randomly, with some parameters built in, it would make for an even more amazing element to scheduling. I’m talking about the wall switches as well as lamp control modules. Here's what I have in mind. Allow a user to select periods of time for when the random on and off might occur (for example, between XX pm and YY pm, to limit the timeframe). Second, allow the user to specify a minimum and maximum set of minutes the device will be on (for example, minimum of 30 minutes, max of 240 minutes). Finally, allow the user to specify the number of times the device will cycle on and off randomly per cycle (for example, just once, twice, etc).

This would greatly enhance the ability of the user to program the smart devices to give a home the lived-in look when the homeowner is away. Random lights going on and off will confuse a would-be burglar into thinking someone is home since there is not definite set of on and off times for lights.

Many thanks in advance for your consideration.

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Posted 3 years ago

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Hi Michael, 

I will certainly pass that idea on to our developing team for consideration. (I bet Macaulay Culkin could have used something like that)
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Thanks for the reply and for your kind consideration.
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their scheduling feature doesn't even work.  Don't believe for a second they are going to make any enhancements.
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May I suggest that they the first thing they should do is allowing opening the garage door through home automation and provide triggers to the home automation system when the status changes. So three very basic function FREE OF CHARGE!!:

* Close the door through home automation (possible now)
* Open the door through home automation (not possible now)
* Provide triggers when the open/close status changes (maybe not possible but I am not sure)

As for the cost, people are getting pretty tired of all those monthly charges and clearly the industry has moved away from that with some exceptions. I have a lot of devices in my home and none of them charge any fees. To take a very simplistic example, my light switches, shades, awnings, door locks, etc. are very similar to a garage door. They have an open, close, status/trigger function and none of them charge anything (it would be pretty unreasonable to do so). Even much more sophisticated devices that include video streaming and storage don't charge anything. 

Once they are done with that they can start thinking about other integration. But at the speed they are moving you have to wait at least another 5-10 years for that to happen.

Btw, I am not using their light. Instead I am using a couple of long LED lights that are controlled by a z-wave switch. When the garage door opens during night time, the lights automatically turn on. And in case you wonder, I don't use Chamberlain's solution to open the garage door through my home automation system (oh wait, they can't do that anyways) and I don't have to pay a monthly/yearly fee.