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I have the MyQ system with two sensor for my garage doors.  My garage door openers are the same make/model (overhead door).  When I try to open the main garage door, the second garage door opens as well.  Is it possible to have the garage doors work independently even with the openers being the same make and model.  Would it help if I had the two sensors under two separate places in the app?
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Posted 2 years ago

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It sounds like you inadvertently learned the MyQ hub's universal transmitter to both door openers for one of the hub's opener controllers.  
You will need to erase all learned transmitters for the second garage door (usually a press and hold of the opener's learn button, see opener's manual) and then relearn all your remote transmitters (in cars) and relearn MyQ Hub's transmitter (press and hold door image in MyQ app to bring up configuration screen).
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This has happened to me too. I reprogrammed them and it still happens. Can anyone help me :(
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Hi Jay, 

To resolve this issue, your MyQ hub needs to be programmed to operate both Overhead Door openers independently. This needs to be changed on the garage door opener itself, though, not the hub.  

You'll need to clear the memory on the secondary door and reprogram the remotes and hub back into it.  

Let me know if you have any other questions.



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I've tried and exhausted by this effort. I deleted one and only using one for now. Can someone help me??
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I had the same problem. This is what I did and it worked. I did it by erasing all programs, resetting the hub and connecting ear door opener separately by disconnecting the second Door Opener from power supply while connecting first door opener. Then repeating the step and disconnecting the first door opener and connecting the second door opener from power supply. You will have to remove and reinstall the app on your phone.

1. On your Garage Door Opener press and hold the learning button until it goes off. Repeat this twice. Repeat this on both your Garage Door Openers. This erases the memory.

2. Remove the power cables from both the Door Opener units.

3. Delete the MyQ app from your phone. Reinstall the app.

3. On your MyQ Hub remove the power cable and connect it back. Now press and hold the reset button until you hear the beep. Repeat this step until total 4 beeps. This will reset the MyQ Hub.

4. Connect the power cable to the MyQ HUB. When the blue light blinks, go to Bluetooth settings on your phone and select the MYQ device. On the prompt, allow it to connect to your WiFi settings.

5. Sign in to MyQ app on your phone. Add a device which will be the HUB. Go through the prompts and enter the serial number and add this device. You can name it as the Main Hub.

6. Connect the power cable to "one" of the Garage Door Openers.(Do not connect both). 

7. Now go to your door sensor. On your phone add a device which is your door sensor. On the door sensor press the button until you hear a beep at the HUB.

8, Now follow the app prompt to install the sensor in your app. It will ask you to press the learning button at the Door Opener unit and follow the prompts. This should install one sensor.

9. After closing the door in the app, remove the power cable from that Door Opener unit.

10. Now go to the second Door Opener unit and  connect the power cable.

11. Now go add device and select the HUB. on this you will be taken to install Door opener. Now follow the same steps as you did for the earlier sensor and install this.

12. Now the second door will be opened. Close it using the app.

13. Next, connect the power supply cable first Door Opener unit.

14. On your app if you see one of the door is opened, close it by using the wall switch.

I had to do couple attempts of repeating all these steps to get it right.

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G K, thank you for sharing these tips! Please let me know if you have any further issues or questions. Chuck
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To all consumers with phantom opening problems with their liftmaster garage door openers. I personally own 3 from the 8500 series and have been dealing with this phantom opening problem for years. Phantom opening is when your garage door opens and closes all by itself. Like many of you, I have come home and or woken up in the morning to find out that my garage door opened all by itself, VERY scary and unsafe for many obvious reasons. I have spent many HOURS of grief on the phone with their technical people and have tried many different attempts at fixing this including but not limited to changing remotes, rewiring, reprogramming, changing circuit boards etc. This morning, I was able to ‘catch’ the door going up and down dozens of times by itself which I captured on video.

The myQ wall control is the culprit people. I am an electronic technician by trade and decided to do a little troubleshooting myself. The copy and paste solutions the company keeps posting is a joke and they obviously have no respect for people’s time and safety. Call them and have them send you a new myQ programmable wall switch. I disconnected mine and the door stopped going up and down by itself. After dis-assembling I quickly noticed that capacitor C1 and C18 are leaking causing a short in the circuitry which is making the door go up and down. This is a common problem on electronic circuit boards nowadays and is most likely due to the cheap inferior capacitors being used. I would like to admonish the company for not figuring this out on their own and caring so little about the safety of their customers.

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Hi Ron,

We are sorry that your experience with our openers have not met your expectations.
This situation should not be occurring at all and we want to make sure we get this fixed right away. Can you email us your contact information at and reference this post? We are happy to have someone working on this right away.
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Just had the same problem with an old (2003) model Chamberlain.  It would look like it programmed ok, and then activating one door on the app would open/close (or alternate) both.  Phoned Chamberlain and fixed everything.  Had to press and hold the orange/red (apparently it doesn't matter which) button for 6+ seconds to clear out the remotes on both motors.  Also had to push and hold the #1 button until it flashed/beeped to clear out the door memory on the MyQ, then do the same for button #2.  Then when reprogramming everything we unplugged one door while encoding the other.  After that everything worked perfectly.  Would have been nice to find this info on the help tab of the app, but all good now.  Thanks Chamberlain!