myQ iOS app and HomeKit notification issue & garage door opening/closing on its own (and opposite to command)!!!

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ENABLED (MYQ-G0303-SP), per the packing list. I am using it on an older garage door opener from circa 2004.

While it is installed and programmed on my iPhone, I never use the myQ app...I purchased this HomeKit hub for HomeKit purposes, and that is exclusively how I interact with myQ. I have always noticed delay in the iOS HomeKit notification that the door opens/closes and routinely will just plain never receive a notification. This occurs both when I am home (connected to same WiFi network) or away. Please note, I do NOT have the myQ app notifications turned on...just HomeKit.

Today, while nobody was home, the door "opened" and then about 5 minutes later it "closed". Nobody was around to confirm if this actually occurred. I went home to see what happened, and I noticed dually truck tire marks in the driveway. Then, I tried opening/closing from the myQ iOS app. The door opened, but I couldn't get it to close from the app. I was able to close it from HomeKit.

Now, I checked the myQ iOS app event history, and it is only showing 1 event; the "close" from when I left for work. It does not show the open or a close that HomeKit notified me about. It does not show me the open/close that I just tried. It also does not show this morning's open (when I left for work). In digging back further, the myQ iOS app doesn't appear to be tracking very well with reality. So, I have no idea if my door actually opened/closed today on its own...or by means of a burglar. That is very upsetting.

Also, I have a "good night" HomeKit scene which is set to close the garage door. It has on a few occasions OPENED a closed garage door. I have witnessed this with my own very eyes. I say "hey siri, good night" and watch as my closed garage door opens. This does not happen frequently, but even once is not acceptable. It appears that iOS thought the door was open, so it sent a open/close signal to the garage door opener...which then opened the door.

Basically, the open/close signals are not reliable for me. Can anybody help?
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Posted 8 months ago

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First off all, congratulations in getting that combo setup; you got a lot further then I did. Never was able to get the bridge to work.

Can't say much on the history. For the little bit I was using it through the Hub alone (the hub was loosing the devices every 24 hours thus after going through setting them up twice I gave up on it) it was showing me the history correctly.

Once I had my setup partially working with the hub/bridge and connected with HomeKit. At that time I had as well that although the garage doors were closed, they were being opened and then closed again on my "GoodNight" scene. In Homekit however it was doing it for a door that was being shown as closed and HomeKit at that point 1st was saying it was opening it and then closing it. Hence this might be something in Homekit itself.