How do I integrate with IFTTT?

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I see IFTTT referred over a year ago, but no updates since. That would allow me to integrate the MyQ into my Echo and other automation solutions. Any update on when support is expected, or is it available now?
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Posted 3 years ago

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John Smith

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Google it, Chamberlain is not doing anything but hinting it will come one day. I know in the posts at least on member posted his email for how to do it. Good Luck IFTTT is here but not with Chamberlain helping, you need to do it yourself
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VeraPlus is better and open source
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Really, Chamberlain? Your customers have been asking for years for IFTTT integration for the MyQ service, and after years of requesting, badgering and begging, you FINALLY set it up - but for a fee? What an absolutely astonishing and disgusting money grab. I don't have to pay a fee for any of my numerous other smart home automation links with IFTTT or other services - Why would I pay for yours? You won't even let me open my own garage door with your service!!!

There are other options. They may even cost more - but I refuse to pay a subscription to use my own garage door. Your management has clearly gone insane.

I will not spend another cent for one of your products from any of your companies as a result. I'll also be sharing my sentiments with everyone I know. Chamberlain, as a company, is slow to meet current technology, tone-deaf to customer requests, and greedy besides. Is that worth the $1/month you wanted?
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Matt Yankus

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100% agree with Dan. I got excited to see I can now use IFTTT with my garage door, and happy to see after years of begging for it Chamberlain heard our calls. But for a fee?! You gotta be kidding me.. What a slap in the face. Nevermind Chamberlain, you can keep it. And you can take back your garage door opener too. Utterly disappointed.   
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MyQ Community Manager

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Hi Matt, 

Thanks for your feedback. At Chamberlain, we’re committed to investing in a growing number of innovations while providing solutions that are reliable and secure. Instead of increasing the base price of MyQ-enabled garage door openers and MyQ Garage, this subscription will allow us to keep prices low and still broaden the number of third-party technologies that we support.

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Nathan Codd

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Although I am 100% on board with Dan the subscription model is nothing but a money grab. 

However, I did decide to check out what you are offering and have been very disappointed. The only option in IFTTT is to close your garage door as an action. But in most cases, I would think people are looking to see how to open their door. So my question is still the same as the original question here. How is full functionality unlocked? 

I read originally that security was the reason Chamberlain pulled this functionality originally. But seriously your responsibility in security solely lies with unauthorized access to a garage through either radio signals or your API. This does require limiting access to a product that we as consumers own. Opening a garage while I am still a block from my house has the same responsibility on me as forgetting to close my garage door. You're not liable for something that happens while my door is open or closed. As like most people here, I am very frustrated trying to use a product that should have been great that has become unusable due to restrictions Chamberlain puts on us.  So again I optimistically ask how are we as paying customers to gain control to both open and close our garage doors?
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MyQ Community Manager

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Nathan, opening your garage door is a level of access for which we require stringent security. At this time, many third-party integrations don't allow us to meet our security standards, and that's why that function may not be available. In the future, we hope to add this very convenient function to a growing number of third party apps, so long as we can meet our required security levels. Hope that helps, Lauren
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So, I can unlock my doors by voice or ifttt, but not open my garage. Yup, that makes sense.