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MyQ won't open garage door with Google Assistant. Already subscribed. Response from MyQ is: For security purposes, I cannot open the garage door yet.
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Posted 2 years ago

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Ridiculous absolute garbage that I can't open my garage door using my google assistant.  That's the whole point of the Google Assistant integration. 

I'm throwing it all in a box and taking it back to BestBuy. It's worthless.

If you're going to make me use my phone to press a button on Android at least have a WIDGET, don't make me open the app.   

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I can't believe Google Assistant and IFTTT integration requires a paid subscription.  I purchased 3 B1381's from Lowes for $1,014.  After finding out about the scamscription, and then seeing that many features don't even work correctly for the people who decided to trial it, I boxed them all back up and returned. Please don't help companies like this scam us into paying subscription fees for open source technology.  It might seem cheap at $1/mo, but if consumers actually let them get away with this, you'll see the price go up and up.  Pretty soon you'll be paying $3,$4,$5 per month to operate your garage door.  What if your car manufacturer started charging you a subscription to allow your smart key or app to start your car? If companies can't integrate basic features into their products using open source technology for what they are already charging us to purchase the product, they should loose our business. Return this garbage and send a message.     
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I too feel it unethical that they charge, however, it just doesn't work. What good is it to control the lights on my garage door opener? Without the ability to open and close the door, they've got to be kidding. Probably the worst business decisions of the century. They are ruining their reputation to get a buck a month
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My subscription lasted a whole 1 hour thanks to the excellent posts on this forum by frustrated customers. Thanks so much for saving me a ton of grief and trouble guys!!!! :)

What a POS situation. I like my garage door opener and the MyQ app on my phone works well, but the Google Home situation really is so stupid!

Here's something that will really make you laugh. When I cancelled my MyQ Google paid subscription, they asked me if I was sure, then if I was REALLY sure, then told me "what I will be missing". LOL total fail on their part. 

Cancel Subscription
If you cancel, here’s what you’ll be missing:

  • Ask Google if your garage is open or closed, and then close it using a simple voice command
  • Annual savings of 17% over monthly plan
  • One easy annual payment

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Not sure I've ever seen a company screw something up so badly... charging for something no one else does (really pissing people off over pennys), then it doesn't do the most important thing of all... open the door! Canceling my subscription as well given this thread dates back over a year and they clearly are not planning to change this. If MyQ is actually concerned about security, how about having Google ask for a password?  
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This is rediculous, why would you charge money for zero useful features.
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The Hagens Berman law firm based in California pursues quite a few class action lawsuits against large companies for these types of practices. Given that Chamberlin falsely advertised the product features and the fact that it is clear they have no intentions of honoring their original claims. Several of us should reach out to see if Hagebs Berman would be interested in pursuing our case.
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I have never participated in a class action lawsuit despite the fact that I did 'qualify' for a couple of such lawsuits. The problem is that you really don't get anything meaningful out of it. In this case you might end up getting for instance 2 years of free service worth $20. However, the real problem persists. As a matter of fact, it might get Chamberlain to pursue this really silly model even further (if they were to abandon it within those 2 years they might end up with another lawsuit saying that those 2 years of free service are now worthless).

Don't get me wrong, I think Chamberlain was misleading people. I for sure was mislead. They changed their wording now. Nonetheless, this whole business principle is totally outdated and inappropriate. Thermostats have more capabilities and none that I know charge a monthly fee. Door bells with video streams, video storage, alarms, etc don't charge a monthly fee and they have a LOT more functionality and have to provide MMUUCCHH more infrastructure (data, storage, etc). Light bulbs can be turned off/on/change colors and they don't charge a monthly fee. Neither do door locks. The list goes on and on.

Unfortunately, Chamberlain just doesn't get it and they are SO SLOW in adjusting to the market. They bring out all those devices, it's unclear what is for what, some require a secondary device and all of them require a subscription for any meaningful home automation (and of course you can't open the door, duhh). However is making those decisions needs to get fired. 

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This is ridiculous. I literally have a 1980s we're garage door remote that is "smarter" than this product which can't see to both open and close a garage door. Just close it? Who thought if that? Cancelling today. Bad user design with limited use cases.
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Signed up for the Google Assistant Subscription service......Canceled the Google Assistant service 12 min later. Unbelievable! I am not concerned with paying 10.00 for a service if it works but I am concerned that you can advertise and charge 10.00 for a service that doesn't work. WOW!
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My plan was to hit the steering wheel voice button through android auto and ask google assistant to open garage door.
What a waste
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I am canceling my subscription RIGHT NOW.. Epic fail IMO... apparently they don't care what the consumer want's. They wont get anymore of my money that's for sure. I think the WIFI switch may be the way to go.. Looks like that will work with any garage door.. not just the MyQ junk.
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Man i'm so pissed - just paid for the subscription and now i find out it wont open my garage door - garbage. Selling this crap MyQ and buying Nexx Garage - i run a blog with a huge following, i'll make sure i get this out there so other people don't follow this scam - and purchase Nexx Garage door openers. 
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I suppose you can add me to this list as well. You'd think the same concept August uses where you are prompted for a security code after requesting an unlock would be sufficient. $1500 in Liftmaster openers, plus this subscription, and I have to use their app to use it?
Going to return these openers and buy dumb openers and a Garadget instead I guess... They seem to have figured this out.

Chamberlain, stop letting your lawyers run your company...