Garage door open and close by itself

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Bought a new Chamberlain garage door opener about 1 1/2 to 2 years ago with MyQ installed. Battery backup. Keypad. Nice unit, strong motor. Was pretty cool. Imagine my surprise when I woke up yesterday to a notice that my garage door opened and closed by itself while we were safely tucked in the house for the evening. A little further checking on the app and this has apparently been happening for quite some time and at all hours of the night. So I do a quick Google search and find out that this problem is not new, rather a couple years old at least and with no fix. No software update, patch - nothing. Except the age old check the wires or an occasional wire burnout on the wall switch - or the best one - your neighbors remote must have become programmed to it somehow. Well, isn't that a great one! That was a problem from like the 1970's, right? So I contact Chamberlain on Facebook to which I received a reply asking for contact info and they would have someone call me. Great! Just tell them not to tell me its my neighbors remote. Please don't insult me that way. So some 'tech' calls me and what does he do? You guessed it. So I said your really going to go there? Yep, he was. I told him although I would reprogram the remotes I wasn't buying the story and was concerned that they still haven't provided a fix for this after all this time. Conversation went on and he eventually told me to send it back to him and he would fully refund me what I paid. Really? Yep. Ok,send me an email with whatever details you need. Turns out this clown didn't even know who he was talking to. He had the name right but the wrong product. Told me I ordered a bridge or something off their website a two weeks ago. Um, sorry sir - no I didn't. I bought a garage door opener from Home Depot maybe two years ago and gave him the location. I don't think he believed me, but then said, sorry - I got the info from your forum post. You did? Hmm, interesting. I'll have to see if I can find that post. Anyway, he ended up telling me to reprogram my remotes and he would send me an email on how to do it. I said good, I'll let all my neighbors know they can't use their garade door openers while I reprogram because of this inferior product Chamberlain won't fix. After all, what other company can you think of that would get away with this, right? Then he said he won't send me the email because he's worried I'll post it all over my neighborhood - well the remotes are pretty strong so I would have to let most of my block know - so now I don't get any help from Chamberlain because this guy is inept and can't admit Chamberlain has a problem that they won't fix. He also says that since I'm such a forum expert that I should read all the forums so I would know that Chamberlain is the most secure opener out there. Based on what I see over and over on the various forums, I doubt that is the case. But he's Mr. Right and I'm sure he gets paid to say that. Too bad he doesn't get paid to say I'm sorry for the problem and we are working on a software fix since this is obviously somewhat widespread and we don't want our customers inconvenienced. But he didn't. He tows the line and spews the spew. Thanks for the vote of confidence and thank God I work from home where at least I have a chance at defending my place in the case of Chamberlain's door decidingtopen on its own and let anyone at my stuff. Good job Chamberlain! Now I know why so many other posts mentioned the terrible service - maybe they talked to this guy - who doesn't even know what product I have or where I bought it from - even though he said he was looking at my order on their website. Brilliant. On a side note - Chuck who monitors the Facebook seems pretty nice.
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Enough with we will get a Tech to contact you BS! How about this "fix" gets posted so everyone can see how to fix this shitty product.