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Chamberlain seems to be crippling the product to the point of uselessness. What is the purpose of this product now? I purchased this product on the recommendation of a friend. He told me that I needed the MyQ controller because, through smart things integration, it is the only garage door controller that works with Amazon Echo.

I purchased this unit, two additional Echos and the smart things hub. Although I found it incredibly confusing and difficult, I was able to implement the smart-thing community code and get my Amazon echoes to OPEN my garage doors. I could not get it to close the doors, but it was a start.

I still could not understand why I could not shut the garage doors through anything but the native app and the wink app.

A few days later I received information that Smart things was shutting down this tiny scrap of control of our garage doors that we had been thrown, because of some ridiculous claims suggesting that the small percentage of customers who were able to figure out how to implement the smart things code were somehow straining Chamberlain's servers.

I am not familiar with the previous junk that has been told to all of you, but I can sure tell deep bull manure when I am forced to trudge through it. I'm pretty sure it is being shoveled liberally here. It feels like Chamberlain is adamantly against us programming or controlling OUR garage doors and controllers or using them in any way that's they have not decided is ok.

I understand garage doors have the potential to be dangerous. However we already have sensors to determine if something is blocking a door and we haveimmediate reversal of the garage door when it encounters resistance. Why on earth can we not program our garage doors to work however we want them to behave as long as those constraints are active?

More curiously,, what exactly is the value of this product if we cannot program the controller, or use apps and triggers to operate the garage door? I am asking this honestly and genuinely. I just don't see how this in anyway improves upon the garage door opener experience that we already have. If I cannot program the My Cue garage door opener, what is its purpose?

I don't understand why anyone would need this product. The only thing that makes it of interest and worth any money is if I can program it open under my specific guidelines and ideas. So please explain to me how I would use this and why it would be worth $100 if you won't let us program our door opening?

Thank you...
Tom Steele
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Tom, Chamberlain has ONE computer, an IBM XT bought used a few years ago. they have a 15 year old doing the APPs and trying to integrate, Homekit, Smartthings, and others. Give Chamberlain a break, the kid has high school classes and finals coming up. They can't find anybody willing to work for them, they lie so much who would want to. The support people quit once they can't tell the same lies over and over and over again. Or they just change their screen name. Chamberlain is a big company, and angering a few customers will NEVER hurt their sales. Maybe, just Maybe if we post ALL OVER the internet, call Sears, and make enough noise maybe a new company will replace them. It's a long shot, but I am trying.
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Tom - I recently built a cloud-based MyQ automation platform that allows:
  1. Multi-user MyQ capabilities:  Allow family, baby sitter, house cleaner, etc. to interact with your garage doors without giving them your MyQ credentials (or making them install another app)
  2. MyQ night time setting:  Automatically close any open garage door at midnight (or other user-defined time)
  3. End user simplicity - no app required:  Interact with your MyQ via text messaging (users must activate their phone and every text command requires a configurable secret code be sent for added security reasons).  *** My wife, mom, grandpa can't use IOS apps but they can text  cool
  4. Send text commands to check the garage status and open/close garage doors.
Here's the link to this service:  https://www.justautomated.com/beta