(MyQ) Protocol between wall button and garage opener

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Is there any way to get the protocol that goes across the wires (i.e. from the wall button to the opener) in order to be able to integrate with third-party tools and kits? Most openers seem to just require closing the circuit to operate the door (i.e. how a push-button closes a circuit); but MyQ openers seem to have some sort of encrypted protocol along the wires.

Been searching some time for an answer to this but can't find any information related to the actual protocol on the wires.
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There's no way Chamberlain is going to give out that information. Their marketing literature tells the story of this being done to improve security. While it may provide more security against hackers on the wireless side, IMHO it does nothing to add security for a standard residential garage door application when applied to the wired wall button. If a thief has access to "hack" into my wall button, they're already in my garage!
So, what is the real reason they did this? Pure and simple. To lock out competing solutions for controlling their latest garage door openers. They don't want anyone going out and buying a Garageio, Nexx Garage, GogoGate, Tailwind, Garadget, or any other solution. They are leveraging their dominant market position and using this hardware change to lock out other solutions.

That way you'll be forced to pay the subscription fee AND it gives Chamberlain more time to slowly establish additional partnerships (and fees) to further improve their market position.

It's a smart business move when all you care about is protecting your market share. I'm not convinced it is the right business move when, in today's economy, social media has powerful influence and word can travel really fast once something goes viral.

Something along the lines of "Buyer beware. The latest Chamberlain and Liftmaster garage door openers do not work with any other controls - by intentional design - to limit your options as a consumer, and Chamberlain charges fees if you want to control your door with, well, pretty much anything except their app."

I now cue up the response from Chamberlain....something to the effect of "security+ 2.0 was implemented for additional security....". I'm not sure they realize that many consumers buying internet connected products work in the technology field. We are not dumb. We are highly educated. Their motivation for implementing the encrypted signals on the wired push button connection is crystal clear.

I'm thankful my garage door openers (came with the house) are old enough that I personally don't have to worry about it, but I do feel really bad for all those people who are buying shiny new garage door openers, thinking they are going to control them with their Google Home, Alexa, Nest, Smart Things, etc etc only to find out - nope. Not unless you pay the subscription. Oh, and by the way, don't bother trying to buy one of those other really cool devices that have tons of integrations and features - we boxed you in when you bought and installed our opener hahahaha....sucker..... We own you now.