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So, I just had the MyQ garage door opener installed.  For $270 + installation, it seemed totally worth it.  The battery backup + the MyQ ...
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door open alert stops working while door close alert works fine
I have LiftMaster 8550 for just over an year, and it has been working great until few days ago when i noticed that I no longer received a...
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Save Schedule Failed
I got a myQ right before the MyQ Garage. it's working fine, but I can't schedule anything. If I try, I would get a Save Schedule Failed e...
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Force App to use Data only?
When I pull out of my garage, and my phone drops off my home wifi, there are several seconds that my phone doesn't have a data connection...
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MyQ Web Dashboard Missing Schedules for Garage Door Opener
I no longer see a schedule area on the MyQ web page dashboard. I can only access schedules using the MyQ app. I haven't had to access thi...
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