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Garage Door Opening by Itself...
I have had the MyQ Garage installed for less than 6 hours now. I was super exited to get this product added to my smart home setup. Now...
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garage door opened by itself
I have myQ and yesterday my garage door opened by itself. We were not home,luckily my alarm system notified us. My neighbor found the doo...
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Garage door opening by itself. Phantom Opening.
Garage door opening by itself. Woke up bright early morning few days ago and found garage door open. Family and I got really scared. Than...
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Garage door open and close by itself
Bought a new Chamberlain garage door opener about 1 1/2 to 2 years ago with MyQ installed. Battery backup. Keypad. Nice unit, strong moto...
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Garage door opens by itself and no notification of opening
I’ve had a chamberlain garage door opener installed for about a year with no issues. Last night the garage door opened by itself; I did n...
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Phantom opening and closing
To all consumers with phantom opening problems with their liftmaster garage door openers. I personally own 3 from the 8500 series and h...
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MyQ Opening Both Garage Doors
I have the MyQ system with two sensor for my garage doors.  My garage door openers are the same make/model (overhead door).  When I try t...
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MyQ B970 Garage door phantom openings!
This occurs consistently over a period of about an hour and varies staying open from 1 minute to 36 minutes thus far. We all need to get...
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