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Alexa integration
Alexa integration: It would be nice if Alexa could tell us when a garage door is open. I understand security is a issue that must be deal...
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My MyQ devices have stopped working and I cannot reprogram
My MyQ and Chamberlain garage door openers have stopped communicating with each other this week.  I have tried resetting the devices, cre...
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I've got a subscription that links IFTTT and MyQ. I've used the applet "Close door nightly". 3 weeks ago, my router broke. I had to sync ...
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I need to be contacted because MyQ hub quit being seen by ifttt
I need to be contacted because MyQ hub quit being seen by ifttt, and actually only stand alone MyQ opener is able to be programed in the ...
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Myq stopped working on IFTTT. I can't find anyone to help me. I used to have a Google subscription as well.
I'm not happy with MyQ right now. No customer support. Having problems with I FTTT. I dropped my Google subscription because it was sadl...
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