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Multiple Users
So, I just had the MyQ garage door opener installed.  For $270 + installation, it seemed totally worth it.  The battery backup + the MyQ ...
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! Close error - too many failed attempts "
I got this message. "The door cannot be controlled because of too many failed attempts. Please operate the door locally to reset and allo...
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How to add multiple users to your myq door opener with an app
If you have a Wink set up in your home you can add your garage door opener’s to your Wink thru the myq app then you can set up Multiple u...
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How to extend garage door access to multiple users?
I thought it would be possible to use MyQ Garage Door Opener kit to open the garage door remotely for guests, or that other family member...
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Ability to add multiple users!
MyQ needs to have the ability to add multiple users! Our family needs to have the ability to open and close the garage door from their ...
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MyQ skill for Amazon Alexa
Any idea when this integration will be built?  I've seen some unsupported solutions using IFTTT and some open source hubs, but it sure se...
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888LM beeping and red and yellow LED's flashing.
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Google Home + MyQ : does not support OPEN!!!! wtf! MAJOR FAIL
cannot OPEN door with Google Home or IFTTT .... WTF!!!!!  and you want to charge me $10 yearly for this?????
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Smartthing Integration
Recently on the Smartthings Home Automation community it was stated that Chamberlain was shutting down communication with the Smartthings...
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The gateway/hub is offline. Please check power and network connections. (309)
Chamberlain garage door system is lousy and unreliable.  i made a big mistake to buy this. The battery life in the door sensor is horribl...
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Are they really trying to charge a fee for connecting to IFTTT?
I have been waiting for IFTTT integration for years.  Reps for Chamberlain have been promising integration for a long time now.  I have b...
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Set up problems. Help please!
Set up problems. I have a Verizon Smart Hub for my wireless network. And an Overhead Door Python 2 opener. I have a green light on the Ga...
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Alexa integration
Alexa integration: It would be nice if Alexa could tell us when a garage door is open. I understand security is a issue that must be deal...
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Garage Door Opening by Itself...
I have had the MyQ Garage installed for less than 6 hours now. I was super exited to get this product added to my smart home setup. Now...
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What is the latest on IFTTT integration?
Oddly enough, there are no references to IFTTT in the community questions currently, which is strange because lack of IFTTT integration c...
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IFTT Open Door by Location
Why can't I setup IFTTT to OPEN my garage door when I get enter a location? Trying to set it up so when  I get close to home, it auto op...
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Genie Pro 1024 won't program
After replacing both batteries in my garage door sensors I had to reprogram each garage door to the MyQ Smart Garage Hub. After selecting...
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garage door opened by itself
I have myQ and yesterday my garage door opened by itself. We were not home,luckily my alarm system notified us. My neighbor found the doo...
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MyQ Additional Garage door sensor (MyQ-G0202) pairing
I am trying to install additional garage door sensor (G0202). All installation (pairing) steps are fine and finally I've got "complete su...
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Homekit Bridge and Liftmaster Gate
Hi I have the new MyQ bridge with homekit and the transfer from the old wired bridge went fine. Goth my garage door and my gate are in th...
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