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! Close error - too many failed attempts "
I got this message. "The door cannot be controlled because of too many failed attempts. Please operate the door locally to reset and allo...
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Garage Door Opening by Itself...
I have had the MyQ Garage installed for less than 6 hours now. I was super exited to get this product added to my smart home setup. Now...
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What is the latest on IFTTT integration?
Oddly enough, there are no references to IFTTT in the community questions currently, which is strange because lack of IFTTT integration c...
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garage door opened by itself
I have myQ and yesterday my garage door opened by itself. We were not home,luckily my alarm system notified us. My neighbor found the doo...
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MyQ Garage No Longer Closes Garage Door (Opening is OK)
Hello, My MyQGarage will no longer close the Garage door. This worked fine before, but just noticed today that the Door is not being clos...
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Error Code 309
While trying to register for the myQ app, i am getting the message: "The gateway or hub is offline. Please check the power and network co...
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MYQ will not program with Craftsman Red button
MyQ will not program with my craftsman. Red button opener. Anyone have any suggestions?
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Craftsman purple button won't pair
Craftsman purple button won't pair with myQ garage no error messages just says it was unsuccessful
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The gateway or hub is offline. Please check power and network connections (309).
It's now a game of "Will it work or won't it?" when we need to use it. There's no rhyme or reason to when it'll work or not. I can try to...
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Door remained Open notifications even when door is closed.
We frequently receive a notification that our Garage Door remained open even though the door is in fact closed.  When I look in the app i...
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Add other users to MyQ Account
Why in this day and age is this feature not here yet? We need the ability to add users to our MyQ accounts. Like A Wife, Husband, Kid, ...
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Door alerts without door opening or closing.
MyQ (Chamberlain App on iOS) is sending notifications that door is opening and closing, when in fact it has not opened or closed.  Door s...
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Changing notification sounds.
Is there a way to have a specific sound for the notification.  I can not find on my phone where to change the sound.  It jsut uses the ba...
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MyQ App Will Not Accept My Serial Number
The Internet Gateway and MyQ-enabled garage door openers use different serial numbers. A user must have an Internet Gateway before adding...
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MyQ programmed but it de-programmed by car garage door opener.
I successfully programmed my MYQ gateway and it worked fine; except that somehow the "homelink" garage door opener in my car no longer wo...
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How can I change wifi hub to a new network
I have set up my MYQ hub and door sensor and working great. I have noticed that for some reason my wireless router is acting up and wifi ...
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Change order of garage doors
I added a second MyGarage do my account and wanted a way to change the order that they show in the iOS app and website, is this possible ?
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Can the beeping when closing via smartphone app be disabled?
I was able to set up my gateway and add my garage door opener without any problems, but I don't like the beeping when closing the door wi...
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Why did my door start randomly opening yesterday? Unit: 1 1/4 Whisper Drive Part# 001D8214 Manufacture date 3/15
Door opens by itself, started yesterday...huge inconvenience and security risk!
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is there a way to have the MYQ-G0201 MyQ-Garage Control automaticly close the door after a period of time of the door beeing left open?
I am interested in purchasing a MYQ-g0201 for my PD220 garage door that was recently installed but I would like the ability to have the d...
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