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! Close error - too many failed attempts "
I got this message. "The door cannot be controlled because of too many failed attempts. Please operate the door locally to reset and allo...
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Offline for 52 days
My garage door openers work fine in the car and in the garage, but my Internet Chamberlain account has been offline for almost 2 months. ...
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no notifications with an open garage door alert setup
no notifications with an open garage door alert setup, I just woke up with garage open for 10 hours due to something blocking it, and no ...
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888LM beeping and red and yellow LED's flashing.
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880LM Stoppped Working
880LM Stopped Working:  purchased the B970 garage opener 2/9/2018.  Installed 3 weeks later by our garage door expert.  The 880LM Wall Un...
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Will MyQ Hub support multiple users?
I own a small garage repair company in Florida and I've pledged one of these MyQ Hubs as a raffle gift for a charity event. I was putting...
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Ability to add multiple users!
MyQ needs to have the ability to add multiple users! Our family needs to have the ability to open and close the garage door from their ...
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Is there any way to open and close MyQ with Alexa?
Is there any way to open and close MyQ with Alexa?
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New Router/WiFi Password; How to Reconnect MyQ Openers?
I've installed a new router and changed my WiFi password, and can't understand how to reconnect my (2) MyQ garage door openers.  I've loo...
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Garage Door Opening by Itself...
I have had the MyQ Garage installed for less than 6 hours now. I was super exited to get this product added to my smart home setup. Now...
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IFTT Open Door by Location
Why can't I setup IFTTT to OPEN my garage door when I get enter a location? Trying to set it up so when  I get close to home, it auto op...
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garage door opened by itself
I have myQ and yesterday my garage door opened by itself. We were not home,luckily my alarm system notified us. My neighbor found the doo...
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Homekit Bridge and Liftmaster Gate
Hi I have the new MyQ bridge with homekit and the transfer from the old wired bridge went fine. Goth my garage door and my gate are in th...
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No response in HomeKit
Everything worked fine until recently. I did switch my wifi to a single ssid for both bands but was having this issue right before which...
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Unable to pair with the garage door opner
I have a Genie model 7055, i have connect the hub to my WIFI and the signal is pretty sold in my garage after following all the steps cor...
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Garage door opener will not connect to MyQ Smart Garage Hub
I have a Chamberlain model 7320 built in 2001 with an orange learn button and it will not connect to the MyQ Smart Garage Hub model MYQ-G...
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Ios 12 Shortcuts feature - For myQ Smart Garage Hub
With the new iOS 12 coming out by September, one of the coolest features is the shortcuts App. Within Shortcuts, you have the ability to ...
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Garage door opening by itself. Phantom Opening.
Garage door opening by itself. Woke up bright early morning few days ago and found garage door open. Family and I got really scared. Than...
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Schedule garage to open - how?
What's the trick to automatically schedule my garage to open at 4pm every weekday? I'd like it to open shortly before my daughter's bus a...
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